EU Conference on EDCs

On 1 June, the EU Commission Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG Sante) organised a conference on EDCs with the aim of informing Member States, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), third countries representatives and stakeholders about the on-going impact assessment on criteria to identify these chemicals as part of the implementation of the 2009 pesticides and 2011 biocides laws.

The conference brought together nearly 300 representatives, including EDC-Free campaign partners CHEM Trust, ChemSec, EEB, HEAL, HCWH, PAN Europe, WECF and supporters The Danish Consumer Council, Inter-Environnement Wallonie, Gezinsbond and WEMOS.

HEAL and PAN Europe spoke on the final panel on the potential impacts of EDCs on health and the environment. The Danish Consumer Council spoke on the panel on potential impacts on industry and conusmers

Will the EU EDC public consultation really matter?

The EU Commission presented the initial results on the EDC criteria consultation which closed on 16 January 2015. It highlighted that over 93% of the responses came from two NGO networks. The answers, that is 25,000 responses, supported option 3, which says that the EU should use the WHO/IPCS definition with categories, as the best option to get the identification right, and to protect public health. These respondents also supported keeping the democratically agreed laws, which is Option A.

During the conference the EU Commission committed to presenting a more detailed analysis of the responses and how this will be fed into the impact assessment before the summer break.

Source: Presentation by Michael Flüh, European Commission – DG Health and Food Safety – The impact assessment for defining criteria on endocrine disruptors in the context of the plant protection products and biocidal products regulations.

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