Alborada Foundation – EDCs in Madrid – A message for politicians

On 13 October, EDC-Free campaign supporter Alborada Foundation, in cooperation with of CaixaForum Madrid, hosted an event on EDCs aimed at politicians.

For the first time in Spain, the best specialists in EDCs met and shared the results of their research. Discussions looked at how EDCs are able to produce imbalances in the hormone system, triggering or exacerbating diseases such as diabetes, infertility, autism, chemical sensitivity and hormone-related cancers.

All speakers stressed that it is essential that the government act immediately to reduce the incidence of diseases related to EDCs, since current measures are insufficient and consumer information, little or in-existent.

Many ideas and commitments came up by the political representatives and the organisations who attended the event, which took place before elections in Spain in December. After the elections, Foundation Alborada hopes to enhance the role of environmental health in the list of priorities of the Spanish government.

Before the end of the year Foundation Alborada is offering free webinars and a course on EDCs for health professionals in Spanish.

Videos of the lectures and more information about the campaign Don’t let them disrupt your hormones! available in the project’s blog here

Post provided by Alborada Foundation