Breast Cancer UK launches new website

Campaign partner Breast Cancer UK’s new website is part of the organisations ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of its information online. With the fresh new design, visitors can see that this is the website to go to for those concerned about the link between rising breast cancer rates and the harmful chemicals in our environment and everyday products.

The website features:

  • new online campaigning tools to enable a wide range of users to keep up to date with developments and to see ‘at a glance’ what they can do to help prevent breast cancer;
  • clearer navigation provides visitors with easy access to information about Breast Cancer UK’s campaigns and to practical advice on how to avoid certain chemicals linked to an increased risk of breast cancer;
  • a dedicated science page will help users keep abreast of the rapidly advancing scientific research on the chemical causes of breast cancer, and;
  • improved functionality has been built into the site to enable the charity to further develop and diversify its content in the future.

The new website will hopefully inspire people to find out more about the chemical causes of breast cancer and empower them to turn awareness into personal and political action for reducing our exposure.