Breast Cancer UK Manifesto: 5 pledges for 2015 and beyond towards the prevention of breast cancer

BCUK Manifesto front cover thumbnailOn 23 October campaign partner Breast Cancer UK (BCUK) launched its Manifesto ‘Prevention is better than cure: 5 pledges for 2015 and beyond towards the prevention of breast cancer’ calling on the UK Government ‘to stop breast cancer before it starts’.

Breast cancer rates in England have risen by 90% since 1971. Nearly 50,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year.  Breast Cancer UK believes much more can be done to help prevent people from getting breast cancer in the first place – but currently the Government’s failure to address the chemical causes of the disease fundamentally weakens breast cancer prevention policy.

Breast Cancer UK’s 5 manifesto pledges are:

  1. Prioritise the primary prevention of breast cancer;
  2. Improve the regulation of chemicals;
  3. Protect the unborn child by offering advice to pregnant and breast feeding women;
  4. Ban the use of Bisphenol A in food and drinks packaging;
  5. Improve labelling laws and implement the ‘right to know’ what chemicals are in products.

BCUK have set up a Take Action asking supporters to write to their MPs asking them to pledge to prevent and support the Manifesto. To be part of this action, click here

Campaign partners HEAL, Cancer Prevention and Education Society, CHEMTrust and ClientEarth are supporters of the Manifesto. In 2005, BCUK and HEAL jointly published the report “Breast Cancer – an Environmental Disease: The Case for Primary Prevention” available here

Post provided by campaign secretariat HEAL