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Textiles: Stop the chemical overdose !

WECF textile reportCampaign partner Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) France has recently published a report with the most recent information on chemical contents in babies’ and children’s textiles.

The report, Textiles: Stop the chemical overdose! focuses on moving towards more coherent and transparent rules for textiles in the EU and beyond for better protection of workers, consumers and the environment.

WECF explores whether textile products containing potential or known chemicals of concern, manufactured within or outside the EU and then placed on the EU market, are adequately regulated to ensure proper consumer information and protection from exposure to hazardous compounds. It addresses the question of which hazardous chemicals are used in textiles manufacturing, are likely to remain in the final product and what the potential impact might be, with a particular focus on clothing for infants, children and expectant mothers.

Inevitably, our clothing is  in close and continuous contact with our skin and people have justifiable concerns about what might be found within these most intimate of products, especially where infants, young children and pregnant mothers are concerned.

  • Full report is available here
  • Executive summary available here (English/French)
  • Press release – English
  • More information available here