CHE call 8 January 2014: Endocrine Disruption and Immune Dysfunction

On 8 January Dr. Rodney Dietert a Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Cornell University discussed on a call set up by the Collaborative on Health and Environment (CHE) how the immune system is a target for EDCs, particularly during development. Numerous relatively ‘hidden’ effects can ensue from a single risk factor and emerge over a lifetime.

Below is a link to the MP3 recording from Dr. Rodney Dietert. His presentation was insightful into how mis-regulated information is at the heart of many EDC effects. Current safety testing fails to appropriately assess mis-regulated inflammation as the greatest immune based health risk.

Here you can RSVP to the call on 19 February focusing on endocrine disruption and the neuro-immune interface

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