CHE call “Endocrine Disruption: Widening the Scope” – air pollution and kids’ health

Campaign partners and supporters TEDX and Commonweal and campaign secretariat HEAL recently organised a teleconference call as part of a series on EDCs hosted by the Collaborative on Health and Environment (CHE).

Dr PereraThis particular call focused on how chemicals in air pollution impact on children’s health, featuring Dr. Frederica Perera, Director of the Columbia Centre for Children’s Environmental Health. She who spoke about the effects of prenatal exposures to EDCs on childhood development.

Chemicals in polluted air can contribute to development delays, behavioural problems and reduced IQ levels in children. During the call Dr. Perera reviewed data from a longitudinal cohort study following mothers and children from pregnancy into adolescence. In this study, prenatal exposure to the combustion related air pollutants, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, is associated with adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes as well as other disease endpoints. Prevention strategies were also discussed during the call.

You can download the audio recording here and read her recent review in the Lancet Children’s environmental health: a critical challenge of our time