Chemicals in children’s food

The International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) recently launched a statement on the presence of toxic substances and chemical residues in food. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of exposure to chemicals as they are at the most sensitive stages of human development.

Parents, carers and health professionals are rightly worried about the problems in infant and young child feeding in a contaminated world, and the statement contains independent information on the risks and dangers of this form of environmental pollution.

IBFAN urgently calls upon decision makers in industry and politics to adopt environmentally-friendly initiatives in production and waste-disposal, to promote awareness of ecological dangers, and to create the appropriate legal framework to prevent the harmful contamination of our environment and to protect the health of our children, both present and future generations.

Read the 2013 Statement on Infant and Young Child Feeding and Chemical Residues here

Post provided by Campaign Secretariat HEAL