”ChildProtect project – Protecting children from hormone disrupting chemicals’

To launch the Life+ Project “ChildProtect – Protecting Children from Hormone Disrupting Chemicals”, on 19 February campaign partners WECF and PAN-Europe as well as Gezinsbond organised a debate on the EU’s policies on EDCs with Members of the European Parliament, scientists, NGOs, and representatives from the DG for Health and Environment.

Children’s health should be a primary concern and there is growing evidence that EDCs may result in permanent health damage to the hormone system of children.

Pregnant women are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis, transferring them to their child in the womb. EDCs can be found amongst others in sprayed fruits and vegetables, plastics, bottles, cutlery, toiletries and cosmetics, toys, clothing and cleaning products. The WHO has highlighted the threat they pose to human health and the European Environment Agency to the risk to the environment. EDCs have emerged as a key challenge for European environment and health policies, but the time-plan for action is being continuously delayed.

Read more about the debate and the Childprotect project here

Post provided by campaign partner Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF)