EDC-Free campaign news no.1 December 2013

EDC-Free campaign partners mobilised in front of EU building in Brussels to ask EU Commission President Barroso for urgent action on EDCs

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Last month, EDC-Free Europe campaigners handed over to the cabinet of EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso, a colourful collage of photos by citizens and groups around Europe who are concerned about how hormone disrupting chemicals, also called EDCs, may be harming our health.  They asked for immediate action to bring out delayed proposals that would help reduce our exposure to EDCs.

More information can be found here.


The photos were arranged in a visual image portraying President Barroso making an “all OK” sign – in the hope that he will respond positively in supporting urgent action on EDCs to reduce our exposure.


pregnant womanCampaign partners asked the Commission to put a stop to “hormone disrupting chemicals”, particularly in products used by the most vulnerable, such as babies and pregnant women.

Visit the EDC-Free photo gallery to view all photos from the action and that have been uploaded by citizens and groups http://www.flickr.com/photos/edc-free-europe/

What can YOU do?

You can help us let your governments know that we want an EDC-Free Future.

Upload a photo of your own, or simply like one of the photos in the EDC-Free gallery. We’ll take it to the decision makers.

Take action and send us your festive photos for an EDC-Free Holiday! They can then be included in a Seasons greeting card we are planning to send to Barroso!

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