How to avoid EDCs

Every day we are exposed to EDCs. Therefore it is vital to minimize this exposure as much as possible.

Five easy ways to reduce your exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. 

  • Eat food produced without pesticides (certified organic) when possible;
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to or use of chemicals, particularly garden and indoor pesticides;
  • Minimise the use of personal care and cosmetic products containing hazardous chemicals, especially during and before pregnancy.
  • Look at labels to avoid certain chemicals linked to hormone disruption
  • Keep rooms well aired and vacuum clean and dust regularly to remove chemicals that can be found indoors, including in dust.

Take action:

  • Write to national/local government to urge for stricter regulations on hormone disrupters
  • Use  your ‘Right to Know’ and request information on hazardous chemicals in products
  • Ask your local authority or school what pesticides they spray in public places, parks and school grounds
  • Request that schools use environmentally friendly cleaners and renovation material for decoration works.

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