Towards European healthcare with no harm to citizens and the environment

On 21 March 2013, Health Care Without Harm Europe (HCWH-E) organised a parliamentary lunch workshop to discuss why we should move towards a non-toxic European healthcare system and demand for alternatives to harmful chemicals in medical devices. The event was hosted by MEP Corine Lepage and aimed at contributing towards the current debate in the EP on the new  Commission’s proposal on the Medical Device Regulation (COM(2012) 542 final).The workshop conveyed the opinion of medical device producers, doctors and hospital facility managers about their experience in producing, purchasing and using medical devices without EDCs and in particular phthalates.

HCWH-E calls on the legislators, hospital systems and the general public to increase the pressure on industry to encourage the production and commercialization of medical devices that do not contain phthalates and consequently cause no harm to the health of European citizens.

Download the press release here

Post provided by campaign partner Health Care Without Harm Europe (HCWH-E)