In small print: A film by Vivosano

There are increasingly more and more cases of cancer, infertility, allergies. But did you know that behind this all may be detergents, creams and shower gels you use, the water you drink or the salad you eat? The film “In Small-Print” (La letra pequeña) by campaign partner Vivosano explains how some chemical substances can have an impact on our health by altering our hormonal system .These substances are technically called endocrine disruptors.

You can watch the documentary in English here

The video is available here in Spanish

In Small Print was shown at this year’s International festival of environmental films (FIFE) in Paris, which was a great success. The film screening was followed by an interesting debate on what we should be doing about the presence of toxic chemicals in everyday life. The session brought together scientists and specialists. Panelists included Genon K. Jensen (HEAL), Dr. Nicola Olea, University of Grenada (Université de Grenade), and Nadia Bennich, film director of ‘In Small Print’ .

Following the film festival Vivo Sano have launched a blog site where the documentary is available in three languages –

Post provided by campaign partner Vivosano