Practical advice on harmful chemicals during pregnancy

BUND edc and pregnancy leafletCampaign partner BUND has published a leaflet in German with practical advice on chemicals that can be harmful during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers want the best for their baby, so they therefore often refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and eating certain foods. What is less well known is that chemicals in everyday products can endanger the development of the unborn child. Pregnant women should therefore take particular care to avoid contact with harmful substances.

During pregnancy a lot of questions arise: Which foods to buy and which to avoid, which cosmetic products to use, how and when to build the new “nest” for the baby and what to keep in mind about chemicals when doing this…?

In many areas avoidable dangers can lurk for the offspring. For example: food cans often contain the EDC bisphenol A which can be harmful for the hormonal system of an unborn child.

BUND’s new leaflet gives tips for a pollution-free pregnancy – available here (DE)

Post provided by campaign partner BUND