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CHEM Trust Briefing on the REACH review of EDCs, May 2013
The EU chemical legislation REACH mandates the EU Commission to review, before June 2013, whether a threshold or non-threshold approach to industrial chemicals with endocrine disrupting (ED) properties should be adopted within the REACH authorization procedure. In CHEM Trust’s EDCs should be treated as non-threshold substances equivalent to chemicals with PBT/vPvBa properties and this briefing explains why. Read the briefing here

 CHEM Trust critique of the UK Government Position on EDCs, May 2013
This briefing outlines CHEM Trust’s comments on the UK’s view on the issue of whether or not a threshold can be determined for endocrine disruptors identified as Substances of Very High Concern under REACH.  CHEM Trust does not agree with the UK Government’s position. Read the briefing here

CHEM Trust & HEAL’s briefing on the report of the Endocrine Disruptor Expert Advisory Group (ED EAG)
This briefing covers many important issues including potency, the linking of endocrine activity with adverse effects and tests for EDCs. Read the briefing here

CHEM Trust’s critique of the EFSA Opinion on EDCs, March 2013 Whilst there is much in the report that CHEM Trust can agree with, we disagree with the synthesis of the report which fails to conclude that current science highlights the need for urgent regulatory action and also fails to highlight that existing legislation (eg for pesticides) and the uncertainties in the risk assessment of EDCs mean that a hazard based approach should be adopted. Read the briefing here

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