WECF Film – How to protect pregnant women and children from EDCs

EDC-Free campaign partner Women in Europe for a Common Future Germany (WECF) has launched a new film as part of its Nesting Project on How to protect pregnant women and children from EDCs.

What is the film about?

During pregnancy, women know it is important to avoid alcohol, nicotine and certain foods. However, what is less well known is that many everyday products contain pollutants that can also be harmful to your baby. This film raises awareness on the health impacts of hazardous substances, especially EDCs, during pregnancy and gives practical advice on how to avoid exposure to these chemicals.

The film is available in English, Dutch and German via the WECF website and the Nesting Project website.

Copyright is with WECF and our art director Gili Feigenbaum.

Post provided by EDC-Free campaign partner WECF Germany