New HEAL report: Health costs in the EU – How much is related to EDCs?

front cover of reportExposure to food and everyday electronic, cosmetic and plastic products containing  EDCs may be costing up to €31 billion per year in the EU, according to a report launched this week by campaign secretariat the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL).



  • Spiralling rates of hormone-related disease may be due to exposure to hormone-mimicking synthetic chemicals found in food, drink and everyday products.
  • New study says if a small portion of hormone-related cancers, diabetes & obesity, and infertility could be avoided by reducing exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals, then billions in costs from these diseases and conditions could be saved.
  • A change in European chemicals policy could massively reduce costs associated with cases of hormone-related diseases and conditions. EU should act now.

You can download the full report here

The calculation in the report draws on a list of diseases and conditions that expert scientists involved in EDC research have identified as “endocrine-related”. They are:

You can download HEAL’s policy statement here

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Post provided by campaign secretariat HEAL