New publication: Chemicals in politics and everyday life

danish ecological council publication - Chems in politics and everyday life_UK front coverA new publication called ‘Chemicals in politics and everyday life‘ by campaign partner The Danish Ecological Council  provides insight into REACH, EDCs, nanomaterials and the cocktail effect. It is a guide for those who want to understand the chemistry behind the many health and environmental toxins that surround us in everyday life, their chemical and biological effects, and the legislation that regulates them.

The publication goes through the decision-making process in the EU and explains REACH. It continues with a detailed description of the main groups of EDCs, how we are exposed to them every day, and what it means for human health and the environment. The issues concerning cocktail effects, and nanomaterials are explained separately, and the possibility of replacing harmful chemicals with less harmful substances – substitution – has its own section.

It can be used as a teaching material in schools and higher education, scientific research and social sciences.  It can be adapted to different teaching programmes and studies but is also a good base for general readers with an interest in this area.

The publication is one of the products of the project ‘Better Regulation on Chemicals’, a three-year collaboration between The Danish Ecological Council, Roskilde University and Technical University of Denmark funded by the Villum Foundation.

You can download the publication here