Pesticide Action Week proves another great success

The 9th edition of the Pesticide Action Week has been a great success, with a significant increase of participating countries and activities this year.

EDC-Free campaign partners Générations Futures, Réseau Environnement Santé (RES), campaign supporter Appel de la Jeunesse  and two other organisations Agir pour l’Environnement, and Les Désobéissants came together to call on French supermarkets to make their fruit and vegetables free of endocrine disrupting pesticides.

The organisations prepared an action outside the French supermarket giant Auchan in Paris to ask for evidence that there was an absence of endocrine disrupting pesticides residues in their fruit and vegetables. A two meter long list of suspected ED pesticides was presented by the organisations as well as information distributed to consumers.

The message to them is rather positive, that they should not wait for policy decisions on EDCs but rather, focus on the consumers and require the relevant changes for the providers and subcontractors to supermarkets. The discussion with the local supermarket managing team was quite positive and the organisations hope for a meeting at the headquarters of Auchan.

On the closing day of Pesticide Action Week the new French Environment Minister announced that she is asking all mayors and local authorities to quickly move to pesticide free green spaces and public places.

More information on Pesticide Action Week here