Round Table discussion on EDCs and public health

On 11 June campaign supporter Wemos Health for All,  a Dutch NGO, and campaign partner Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) organised a roundtable at the Dutch parliament on EDCs. HEAL’s Lisette van Vliet spoke at the event.

The objective of the meeting was to inform journalists and politicians about the scientific research on EDC’s and the risks they pose to children, babies, fertility and wildlife. Moreover, the EU policies concerning EDC’s were discussed in comparison to measures that have been taken by individual European countries.

Research has shown that EDC’s are playing a role in the increasing incidence of breast cancer, testicular cancer and infertility in the EU. This makes this topic particularly worrying and important for public health.

Dr. Annelies den Boer from Wemos moderated the successful event. Presenting to Parliamentarians, civil servants, reporters and local Dutch NGOS, were scientists, including Dr. Majorie van Duursen, Toxicologist from Utrecht University’s Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences; Prof. Dr. Juliette Legler, from the Free University, and coordinator of the EU-funded research project OBELIX; Dr. Gavin ten Tusscher, Pediatrician from the Westfriesland Hospital; and Professor Niels Skakkebaek from Copenhagen University. Lisette van Vliet from the HEAL Secretariat also presented on the EU policy issues.

Currently, the Netherlands does not have a national strategy on NGOs, but the Dutch Health Council has recently completed a report on EDCs. The Netherlands has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the EU, and its testicular cancer rate is also increasing.

The full report of the Policy Round Table has been published on WECF’s Dutch language website.

The programme is available here

Post provided by campaign secretariat HEAL