Save the date 4th November! EP event: A cure for bias in chemicals policy

Why EFSA is failing to convince on BPA and how a more robust and transparent approach to the use of expert opinion can help restore trust in the regulatory process.

On 4 November, a lunch time event in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Corinne Lepage will invite participants to compare best practice in medicine for the evaluation and communication of evidence with current practices in the risk assessment of chemicals.

Discussion will be based on the findings of a ground-breaking new report from the Policy from Science Project, examining how EU processes for assessing evidence can be made more scientifically robust, using EFSA’s Expert Opinions on BPA as illustrative case-studies.

Participants will leave with an understanding of the value of systematic review techniques for the transparent and authoritative analysis of scientific evidence, and how these techniques constitute the foundations of a new strategic blueprint for evidence-based decision-making in chemicals policy.

More information on the logistics will follow soon.