WECF – TV report on EDCs

EDC-Free campaign partner Women in Europe for a Common Future Germany (WECF) recently took part in a TV interview on EDCs together with a high representative of the German Federal Environment Agency Andreas Gies.

The interview is available here

During the interview, Andreas Gies said the policy to delay setting a criteria to identify EDCs in the EU can be explained by the interests of the chemicals industry, which wants to sell these products. Germany has the biggest chemical industry in Europe and this is why other countries like France, have better implementation and policy development than Germany.

WECF calls for the rapid implementation of policy directives and wants a criteria set for EDCs. In the long term, there should not be any EDCs in products, but until that is reached, there needs to be a labelling requirement o that consumers know which products contain EDCs.

Post provided by EDC-Free campaign partner WECF Germany