We are asking all European governments to reject the European Commission's disastrous draft proposal on endocrine disruptors, to protect public health and the environment. 

Endocrine disruptors are harmful chemicals that can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other serious developmental disorders. They should be banned -- but instead the EU is poised to give the chemical industry the gift they've always wanted: Regulations that look strict but do almost nothing to protect public health. 

The European Commission’s draft rules were slammed by independent scientists and NGOs. Some governments are expected to speak out at an important EU meeting on Friday -- Sweden even sued the Commission over endocrine disruptors (and won). But other governments will only stand up to the chemical lobby if there’s enough public attention. 

Tell all European Governments to reject the EU Commission’s disastrous draft proposal on endocrine disruptors.  

This meeting is a key moment for governments to fix the proposed rules to protect public health and the environment. The chemical industry have been leaning heavily on the European Commission for years -- and it shows in the dreadful draft regulations they’re bringing to the table. 

A coalition of public interest groups called EDC-Free Europe has been campaigning for years on endocrine disruptors and their impact on human health, fighting the influence of the chemical industry at every turn. EDC-Free Europe says government representatives from Sweden, Denmark and France are likely to speak up Wednesday for public health. A few other EU Member States could also take a stand, but it’s very difficult to tell with these nontransparent Brussels meetings. 

The draft rules are designed to protect corporate profits, not public health.
 In the current proposal from the European Commission, "the standard of proof is so high that we have to wait for years of damage to our health before withdrawing from the market," according to endocrine disruptors expert, Lisette van Vliet from EDC-Free Europe. 

Together, we’re fighting back the chemical industry around the world. Working with activists, scientists and NGOs across Europe, we managed to prevent the 15-year license renewal of glyphosate - Monsanto's famous pesticide. We also helped get France to phase-out and ban bee-harming chemicals. Our massive mobilizations work. 

No to endocrine disruptors -- Tell European Governments to reject the EU Commission’s draft proposal on endocrine disruptors

Update July 4: Today EU governments approved the EU Commission’s disastrous draft proposal on endocrine disruptors. We now call on the European Parliament to reject the flawed criteria for the sake of human health and environment protection. (See EDC-Free Europe statement)

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