Call of Action from Montpellier: Switch to a higher state of alert and prevention to reduce health and environmental risks of pesticides

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Recent biomonitoring studies show that traces of many pesticides are found not only in the vicinity of spreading areas, but also in the vast majority of fruits and vegetables on our plates, in groundwater, water catchments and in the indoor air at concentrations of particular concern.

The cocktail effect of these substances is still insufficiently documented , but important for a number of associations with endocrine or cancerous diseases .

It is necessary to raise public awareness of the health and environmental risks of pesticides, especially for vulnerable groups. We should take into account the occupational risk , the risk of exposure to local residents and the general population.

This petition calls on the health and food safety authorities to move to a higher state of alert and ensure that the public are aware of the health and environmental risks of pesticides. It also calls for alternatives to pesticides including alternative methods of bio control or wherever possible, eliminate the use of pesticides. Organic agriculture and agroecology should therefore benefit from strong regulatory and fiscal mechanisms.

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