The Swedish minister for environment, Lena Ek, threatened to sue the EU Commission for the delay in identifying EDCs. This announcement echoes concerns from the S&D party in the European Parliament, who called on the Council to act.

The Swedish minister expressed her dismay about the slow action on banning endocrine disruptors, and announced she would take legal action if the delay continued.

Earlier in the year two social democrat MEPS – Linda McAvan and Åsa Westlund asked the Council of the EU to push the EU Commission to deliver the delayed criteria on EDCs. The delay to identify and assess endocrine disruptors as per the pesticides and biocides laws means no EU legislation and a problem that clearly needs action to protect citizens’ health.

After missing the deadline for criteria in December 2013, EU Commission representatives announced that the EDC criteria would be delayed by at least one year.

EDC-Free campaign partners are not only very concerned about the delay in identifying EDCs, but also calls for the launch of the revised EU EDC strategy as soon as possible. The continued setbacks mean lost opportunities for prevention of chronic disease and for healthcare savings.

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