The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recently opened an eight week period for public consultation on alternatives on the use of a phthalate (DEHP), a suspected carcinogen, known reprotoxicant, EDC and neurotoxicant. The consultation closes on 9 October 2013.

Interested parties are invited to submit relevant information on alternatives for the use of a substance subject to authorisation. The comments will be posted on ECHA's website on a regular basis,.

All the submissions will be reviewed and considered by the ECHA Committees for Risk Assessment (RAC) and Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC). Based on the final opinions of the two committees, the European Commission will take a decision as to whether to grant the applicant an authorisation for the use applied for, or not.

Further information on the public consultation and on how to submit information on alternatives can be found at:

Information on the ongoing public consultations and the consultation process for applications for authorisation

More information on the applications for authorisation process under the REACH Regulation

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