Brussels, 3 December 2014The EDC-Free Europe coalition has launched an easy to use online platform to ‘Say NO to hormone disrupting chemicals’.

The platform allows individuals from Europe and beyond to tell the European Commission “to remove hormone-disrupting chemicals from our lives to protect our health” by enabling them to respond to an EU public consultation.

The European Commission missed its December 2013 deadline to set the criteria for identifying hormone or endocrine disrupting chemicals, known as EDCs, due to intensive lobbying by the pesticides and chemicals industry. However, a public consultation has now been launched to gather feedback.

It will take you less than five minutes to take action. Just fill in your details and with the help of four simple steps your submission will be sent directly to the European Commission.

The platform is available in English and Spanish. Other language versions coming soon!

Take action here

Press release available here in English - French - Flemish - Dutch - German and Spanish

Information release available here

Post provided by EDC-Free Secretariat HEAL