Lisette van Vliet from the EDC-Free campaign secretariat HEAL (Health and Environment Alliance) commented on the delay of the EU strategy on EDCs in a briefing by Chemical Watch.

Earlier this year UNEP and the WHO called EDCs a ‘global threat’ that need to be resolved. It is widely recognised that the EU’s EDCs strategy needs updating to take in account the advances in science as well as legislative developments.

Despite a thorough process of consultation on the EU’s strategy between the EU Commission, EU Member States, industry groups, public interest groups and other stakeholders, the publication of the review of the old strategy and its revision, has been delayed several times.

Since 1999 when the EU’s strategy was published, our knowledge about EDCs has grown. Now there is a body of science on the impacts of EDCs on health such as diabetes, obesity and early puberty as well as human biomonitoring evidence of EDC exposure showing that the public is constantly exposed, even before birth.

You can read the full Chemical Watch briefing here

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Post provided by campaign secretariat HEAL