The majority of submissions to the EU Commission’s public consultation came from ’Say NO to hormone disrupting chemicals’ online platform launched by the EDC-Free coalition.

In December 2013, the EU Commission missed its deadline to set the criteria for identifying EDCs, due to intensive lobbying by the pesticides and chemicals industry. However, a public consultation was launched later in 2014 to gather feedback.

In just one and a half months from the beginning of December 2014 until the end of the consultation (closed on 16 January 2015) the EDC-Free  coalition received an impressive 20,440 individual submissions via its online platform ‘Say NO to hormone disrupting chemicals’.

The total number of submissions to the consultation announced by the Commission is 27,087* showing that the impressive results of the platform contributed to the majority of submissions.

As the consultation was highly technical, the EDC-Free coalition took the initiative to launch an easy to use online platform with pre-written answers for individuals to submit to the consultation in a few simple steps. The platform available in seven languages (English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Swedish), allowed individuals from Europe and beyond to tell the EU Commission to remove all hormone disrupting chemicals from our lives to protect health.

*The EU Commission received 27087 responses. A total of 22,411 contributions were received through the official EU Commission online survey (the official and only accepted channel for the consultation), of which 25,000 were submitted via external websites which provided pre-written responses including and The EU Commission will produce a feedback report to the consultation once the replies are assessed.

More information on the submissions to the consultation available via the official EU Commission website

Post provided by EDC-Free Secretariat HEAL