[UPDATE] In order to help curb and limit the development of COVID-19, Pesticide Action Week has been cancelled. Organisers of events taking place in relation to the Pesticide Action Week are asked to cancel them. We encourage everyone to join the efforts to stay at home and avoid spreading the contamination. Our thoughts and support are with healthcare professionals and those directly affected.

The 15th edition of Pesticide Action Week, organised by EDC-Free Europe partner Générations Futures, offers the opportunity to join more than 1,000 events organised all across Europe. 

Promoting alternatives to using pesticides is a great way to protect our health and the environment from toxic chemicals.

The EU has adopted legislation to ban pesticides with endocrine disrupting properties, but so far the implementation has been very poor. This is worrying as chemicals with endocrine disrupting properties are associated with a wide range of diseases including breast cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes, and can have serious developmental effects on the nervous system of children.

Here are three ways to show your support as part of the Pesticides Action Week:

  • Add your voice to the European Citizens’ Initiative “Save Bees and Farmers”, launched in November 2019 with a vision of a pesticide-free Europe. This petition, supported by many members of the EDC-Free Europe campaign, asks the European Commission and EU Parliament to reform the current EU agricultural policy to better protect health, save bees and support EU farmers to phase-out of the use of synthetic pesticides by 80% in 2030 and completely by 2035. Take a few minutes to sign the petition, available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, and share with your network!