The DG for Health and Consumers has opened its public consultation on the criteria to be used to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals in the EU biocides and pesticides legislation. The consultation is seeking expert input and economic data.

Launching the consultation, European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik said: "Endocrine disrupting chemicals have triggered a substantial debate: there are strong signals from science, there is increasing public and political concern and awareness, while some stakeholders still have doubts. Europe is watching – we need these criteria to improve protection and give industry the certainty it requires. Citizens and stakeholders can help us make an informed decision." (EC Press release, Commission consults the public on criteria to identify Endocrine Disruptors).

A report from the EDC-Free Secretariat HEAL entitled Health costs in the EU – how much is related to EDCs? launched in June 2014 showed that if only a small portion of hormone-related cancers, diabetes & obesity, and infertility are related to exposure to hormone disrupting chemicals, then policy change on EDCs could save up to €31 billions per year in health costs in Europe.

The Commission said in its press release that it needs to carry out an impact assessment because of the potential socio-economic impacts linked to how the criteria will be defined and the complexity of the issue.

The consultation is being conducted through an online questionnaire that can be found here. It will run for 3 months until 16 January 2015.

Post provided by EDC-Free Secretariat HEAL