EDC-Free campaign partners have publicly shared their official submissions to the EU Commission’s consultation on the criteria to identify hormone disrupting chemicals (known as EDCs).

Scientific evidence links exposure to EDCs to spiralling rates of hormone-related cancers such as breast or testicular cancer, fertility problems, diabetes and obesity as well as learning and behavioural problems in children. Exposure also disrupts the hormonal systems of wildlife. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called hormone disrupting chemicals a ‘global threat’.

There was an urgent need to respond to the Commission’s public consultation to prevent ill health. Campaign partners and supporters across Europe have made their own submissions to call for the removal of EDCs from our lives to protect our health.

Below we provide the links as the submissions from organisations become available. Others will follow. 

Individuals also submitted pre-prepared answers to the consultation via an easy to use online platform set up by the EDC-Free Secretariat. Thanks to this platform entitled ‘Say NO to hormone disrupting chemicals’, the EDC-Free coalition gathered a fantastic 20,440 submissions to the consultation. Information is still available here http://www.no2hormonedisruptingchemicals.org

Post provided by EDC-Free Secretariat HEAL