Barcelona, 31 January 2014 - The levels of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in Spanish population (called “internal contamination”) are much higher than in other countries and threaten the heath, the wellbeing and the economy of our citizens and of our welfare state.

Endocrine disrupters are chemicals that are present in many products used in our daily lives. Their incorporation into the human body can produce reproductive health problems (e.g., infertility, congenital malformations), tumours and other diseases in hormonal dependent organs (breast, prostate, testis, thyroid), metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity), immunologic disorders and disruption of the development of the neurological system, among others.

In addition to the direct effects on human health, these pollutants have negative environmental effects.

The heavy pressure of the chemical lobby in Europe and Spain are impeding the implementation of basic principles of public health, through appropriate regulation and the implementation of risk reduction policies. These pressures to defend corporate interests are delaying action by all administrations to protect the health of the population.

That is why the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration (SESPAS), which brings together 12 scientific societies and 3,800 professionals and scientists of the field of Public Health in Spain to advocate for public health, demands Spanish and European authorities to act guided by the public interest.

SESPAS spokesmen on endocrine disrupters and internal contamination:

Professor Miquel Porta. Professor of Public Health. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Tfn.: 34-609 067011. Email:

Professor Nicolás Olea. Professor of Radiology. Universidad de Granada. Tfn.: 34-615944854.


Other contacts: Ildefonso Hernández Aguado. Chair of SESPAS. Tfn.: 34-651611162

Supplementary material:

SESPAS website

SESPAS letter to Spanish Health Minister on endocrine disrupters

SESPAS letter to the European Commission on endocrine disrupters

This letter has been sent to:

Anne Glover. Chief Scientific Adviser to José Manuel Barroso

Catherine Day. Secretary-General European Commission

Tonio Borg. European Commissioner for Health.

Janez Potočnik. European Commissioner for the Environment Environment

Joaquín Almunia. Vice-President European Commission. European Commissioner for Competition

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