On 24 July 2013, campaign partner BUND launched an App to make it easier for consumers to check if their cosmetics contain EDCs.

The Smart phone App is based on a study that BUND carried out using the data-bank of the Swiss Code-Check.info-platform http://www.codecheck.info/ which at that time comprised the lists of ingredients of 62.559 cosmetic products. The code-check database is being continually compiled by critical consumers in German-speaking countries in a Wikipedia style system.

BUND screened the Code-Check data for 16 EDCs that emerged as critical for consumers’ health after cross-checking the EU-priority list for EDCs with the INCI-List (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients).

The most striking results are that nearly a third of the 62.559 products contain EDCs. But there are EDC-Free alternatives out there on the market for example, shampoo and toothpaste. Natural cosmetics are generally EDC-Free whereas market leaders use the harmful substances in nearly half of their body care products.

Simple steps to using the ToxFox-App:

  • The bar-code of a product is scanned by the camera of the iPhone, then a green or a red symbol tells whether the product is EDC-Free or not.
  • A blue question mark appears when new products are scanned
  • The App can also select data along product groups and companies.

Those without an iPhone or Smart phone can use the tool via BUND’s website here www.bund.net/toxfox. Before ending the search, individuals can send an email to the respective producer asking about the product.

The idea behind the tool is to provide consumers with the opportunity to protect their health and that of their children as long as legislative regulation of EDCs is insufficient.

 Post provided by campaign secretariat HEAL and campaign partner BUND