Did you know that make-up and other cosmetic products can potentially expose us to harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)?

A new report from Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) France, a member of EDC-Free Europe coalition, shows how widely-used cosmetic items sold in supermarkets, perfume stores and drugstores may contain substances of concern. By investigating the labels of forty-seven products across three categories of make-up – BB creams, concealers and mascaras – the report identifies 37 substances of concern, including endocrine disruptors, persistent and bio-accumulative substances, nanoparticles or allergens.

Results from WECF France’s investigation show that:

  • 31 products out of 47 (more than 80%) contained at least one ingredient of very high concern.
  • Out of the 37 substances of concern identified, 7 are endocrine disruptors of very high concern.
  • 36 products contained plastic ingredients.
  • BB creams appear to be the most problematic category of products, with one sample containing 13 substances of concern.

As part of the report, WECF France presents comprehensive demands for policy action and concrete tips that consumers can adopt to avoid contact with harmful substances.

In September 2021, members of the EDC-Free Europe campaign shared a letter with the European Commission urging them to take swift and ambitious actions to ban endocrine disrupting chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products without delay.


Click here to read the executive summary in English, which includes policy demands and practical tips for consumers.

Click here to read the full report in French.