The European Commission today closed its call for feedback on plans for an EU chemicals strategy for sustainability, that is expected to be published in the third quarter of 2020. In response to this call, the EDC-Free Europe campaign emphasised again the importance for this strategy to deliver a comprehensive action plan on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCS) that protects citizens and the environment from exposure to these toxic chemicals.

EDC-Free Europe’s contributions to the EU roadmap on the European strategy for chemicals can be found here. Our comments stress in particular the need for:

  • An effective and coherent cross-sectorial system for the identification of EDCs, reflecting the level of scientific evidence available
  • A protective and coherent management framework of EDCs, in particular to minimise the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals in all types of consumer products
  • Provisions to protect us from exposure to chemical mixtures including EDCs
  • An EU-list of known and suspected EDCs
  • Action to protect the most vulnerable in society, by making the most of available information in order to ban and restrict the use of already identified known and suspected EDCs, and to develop transparency on their use and awareness of supply chains and the public.

Over 20 EDC-Free Europe campaign partners also took part in this European Commission initiative: