18 July 2016, Brussels – Following the Commission`s proposed criteria for identifying hormone disrupting chemicals, also known as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) on 15 June, it has now launched two more public consultations, which close on 28 July.

After a delay of nearly three years, the Commission’s proposal still fails to protect the health of humans, wildlife and the environment. On the day of the announced criteria in June, the EDC-Free Europe Coalition expressed its astonishment, strongly condemning the proposal.

The current proposal fails to address the pressing public health threat from EDCs and fulfill the legal mandate to protect health, wildlife and the environment from exposure to these chemicals. The Commission has ignored the majority of respondents to its 2015 public consultation who supported the most effective use of science to protect humans and wildlife, especially vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, babies and children. At that time over 20,000 citizens made their voice heard in this first European Commission public consultation. Despite this public demand to protect our health and the environment, the Commission has ignored these concerns.

Over 1,300 scientific studies link exposure to EDCs to spiraling rates of hormone-related cancers, diabetes, obesity and behavioral problems in children. In addition, the health costs of diseases associated with exposure to these chemicals are estimated at 158 billion EUR per year.

The proposal must be rectified to ensure a high level of protection for health and the environment, preventing endocrine- related diseases for Europeans and averting damage from our ecosystems. Our everyday exposure must stop to protect current and future generations.

EDC-Free campaign partners have started providing feedback to the EU Commission. You can join them by following these links:



For any questions, please contact the EDC-Free Secretariat info@env-health.org