Climate change and ecosystem collapse are threatening our food supplies and health. That is why we need a substantial change of agriculture, our lifestyles and handling of nature. But how can we achieve these goals?

On 11 and 12 May 2020, EDC-Free Europe campaign member GLOBAL 2000 is organizing the international online congress “Visions for Transition – How Agriculture and Cities of the Future can Save Biodiversity” during which renowned representatives from science, politics and civil society will address these questions.

You can join the conference live by registering (for free) and tuning into the livestream, that is available in German and English!

Presentations will cover topics such as:

  • When chemicals interact with ecosystems
  • Agriculture of the future: What are our options?
  • Can the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) contribute to change?
  • „Save Bees and Farmers“: The contribution of citizens‘ movements and NGOs to save biodiversity

As part of the conference, GLOBAL 2000 will present on 12 May a resume and initial findings of the first part of their "Vision for Transition". This press conference will start at 1 PM CET, and available to watch in German and English

Speakers at the press conference will include: 

  • Dr. Alice Vadrot, Assistant Professor for International Relations with a focus on Environmental Politics at the Department of Political Science of the University of Vienna and Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) of Cambridge University.
  • Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren, who's Biovision Foundation wwas awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize. He also won the Swiss Award in the category Society. In 2017, Herren was elected to the Board of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).
  • Prof. Dr. Violetta Geissen, professor of soil degradation and Land Management at Wageningen University.
  • Alfred Grand, Austrian organic farmer and entrepreneur.
  • DI Dr. Helmut Burtscher, environmental chemist at GLOBAL 2000.