Get ready for the annual Pesticide Action Week (PAW), taking place from 20th to 30th March 2022, to help raise awareness on the harmful impact chemical pesticides have on human, animal and environmental health, and how we would benefit from a transition to a pesticide-free agriculture.

The exposure to pesticides, many of them being endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), can be linked to cancer, infertility problems, obesity and other health diseases. The Pesticide Action Week, coordinated by our EDC-Free partner Générations Futures, offers the opportunity to showcase the many organisations and citizens who are working to get rid of such harmful chemicals. The 20th edition of the initiative gathers more than 50 national partners, international organisations, as well as local participants.

Promoting alternatives to using pesticides is a great way to protect our health and the environment from toxic chemicals. Here are three ways to show your support during Pesticide Action Week 2022: 

Learn more about Pesticide Action Week and show your support on social media. Download the poster for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and follow @Alter_Pesticide on Twitter for live updates.

Join one of the 1,000 events that will be organised in France and elsewhere in Europe. If you and/or your organisation want to officially become one of the international partners, contact the campaign manager at:  

- Check out and share the great resources from EDC-Free Europe campaign partners working specifically on pesticides: