A new web series from Phyto-Victimes, a member of the EDC-Free Europe campaign, shines a light on farmers’ fight for recognition as victims of toxic pesticides. The seven-part documentary, entitled “The Fight for Recognition”, brings together testimonies from victims of toxic pesticides as well as from researchers and elected officials.

Exposure to pesticides, many of them endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), can be linked to certain types of cancer, Parkinson disease, infertility problems, obesity and other health diseases. The web series gives a voice to workers and farmers struggling with the consequences of using these harmful pesticides on the ground in their working environment. 

The seven episodes are available with subtitles in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish:

  1. “Whistle-blowers” 
  2. “A long and arduous battle” 
  3. “I thought I was safe”
  4. “Bounce Back (after illness)”
  5. “(Agricultural) Transition” 
  6. “Searching for resilience” 
  7. “The resistance is getting organised” 

“The Fight for Recognition” offers solutions to reduce the impact of pesticides that harm health and the wider environment, and addresses the urgency to transition our current agricultural model towards a pesticide-free and sustainable agricultural system. 

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