EDC-Free Europe campaign partner ChemSec has launched a publication focusing on all the EDCs on the SIN List, regardless of when they were added.

The SIN List, short for 'Substitute It Now!' consists of chemicals that have been identified by ChemSec as being Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs), based on the criteria for them defined within REACH. The SIN List aims to speed up the REACH process as well as to offer a glimpse into the possible future of European chemicals regulation. It is currently the most well-founded list available of REACH relevant EDCs.

This new publication informs you with useful and important information about which chemicals to take action on! ChemSec calls on decision-makers to ensure that these chemicals are regulated, sooner rather than later, and asks companies to investigate whether any of these chemicals are used in their processes and products and if so, search for safer alternatives to replace them.

The listing of EDCs on the SIN List is especially important, since it, as opposed to other available lists, identifies EDCs based on more than a potential concern, but on solid scientific data. A more specific description of how the EDCs were selected for the SIN List can be found after the list of substances in this publication.

The report is available here (EN)

Post provided by ChemSec