EDC-Free campaign secretariat HEAL welcomes the release today of the Executive Summary of a crucial and authoritative scientific statement to be published in the October online issue of the Endocrine Reviews, a journal of the Endocrine Society.

In the Executive Summary, the Endocrine Society (world’s oldest, largest and most active organisation devoted to research on hormones and the clinical practice of endocrinology), says that there is no longer any doubt that exposure to EDCs, found in food and consumer goods, are contributing to some serious illnesses, including obesity, diabetes and cancer.

The Executive Summary of the Statement released today says: “... it is more necessary than ever to minimize further exposures, to identify new EDCs as they emerge, and to understand underlying mechanisms in order to develop methods to enable interventions in cases of EDC associated disease.” 

HEAL urges the EU Commission to listen to the endocrinologists on the science, and move the EU policy forward with the speed that this threat to our health deserves.

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