On 9 December,  the Endocrine Society and IPEN released a new guide documenting the threat EDCs pose to human health.

Guide available here

“There is good reason to suspect that increasing chemical production and use is related to the growing incidence of endocrine-associated disorders over the past 20 years, including male reproductive problems, early female puberty, cancers, and pneurobehavioral disorders,” said Endocrine Society member Andrea C. Gore, PhD, the guide’s lead author.

He added, “Importantly, there is growing evidence that fetuses and children have a particular vulnerability to these chemicals. Introduction to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals was written to help policymakers and others better understand how these chemicals work and to assist them in making informed policy decisions.” 

IPEN and HEAL released a published a press release on the launch day of the new guide - available here

Post provided by EDC-Free Secretariat HEAL