Have you been wondering what EDCs might be in your shampoo, or which pesticides or flame retardants are endocrine disruptors?

Now you can find out with the new search page for TEDX List of Potential Endocrine Disruptors that includes 14 different categories to identify the uses and sources of exposure for each chemical. You can also see a short tutorial on how to use the searchable list.

The TEDX List is a database of chemicals with the potential to affect the endocrine system. It's purpose is to present the chemicals for which at least one peer-reviewed study has been published, so that scientists, regulators, advocates, and the public are better informed.

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To date (October, 2013) there are nearly 1,000 endocrine disruptors on the TEDX List. Chemicals can be searched by full or partial chemical name, by CAS1 number, or by categories derived from the uses and sources of the chemicals.

Every chemical on the TEDX List has one or more verified citations. Each citation is from published, accessible, primary scientific research demonstrating effects on the endocrine system.

References are provided to support each chemical’s inclusion on the list. The number of citations presented in the TEDX List has been limited for practical reasons. It does not reflect the relative amount of research that has been done on each chemical and therefore should not be used as a method of ranking or prioritising.