EDC-Free campaign partner Générations Futures has launched the fourth part of a biomonitoring study series on EDCs, the EXPPERT survey 4, focusing on the exposure of women of childbearing age who are living in urban areas in the region Ile de France (greater Paris area).

According to the survey results, an average of 21 EDCs were found per woman, including 19 pesticide EDCs. The number of EDCs found ranged from 32 to 12 per hair sample. In terms of weight, the lowest average amount of EDC residues per sample was 109.39 picogramme/milligram (5). The maximum amount per sample was 387.27 pg/mg (in comparison to 24.14 pg/mg for the lowest one). In other words, there was a 1:16 ratio between the less contaminated and most contaminated.

The report is available here in French.

The EDC-Free Secretariat HEAL translated the press release into English available here. The original French version is available here. 

More information available on the website of Générations Futures here.