Body lotions can contain allergenic preservatives and substances which are suspected to be EDCs, according to the Danish Consumer Council (an EDC-Free Europe campaign supporter). 

The organisation recently checked 54 different body lotions on the Danish market, including international brands, and found that 13 body lotions (24%) contain one or more unwanted substances.

The substances in question are allergenic preservatives and substances, for example parabens. Consumers should therefore take extra care when looking at the list of ingredients before they buy and apply body lotion to their skin.

In the test, 16 body lotions received the best possible marking. 24 only received an average rating due to their content of perfume, perfumed substances or plant extracts which all are known allergens.

“Perfumed lotion is the second most frequent cause of perfume allergy. Consequently, the consumers should be particularly aware of these. We recommend that they choose an unscented and eco-labeled body lotion to avoid the unwanted chemicals,” says Christel Søgaard Kirkeby of Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals.

The content of chemicals is particularly critical in body lotions because body lotions a product that stays on the skin for many hours. The longer a product stays on the skin, the more frequently you use it, and the larger the area of the body you use it on, the more likely you are to be exposed to unwanted and harmful chemicals.

The test results (in Danish) can be found here