After analysing 54 brands of chewing gum marketed to children, EDC-Free campaign supporter Danish Consumer Council THINK Chemicals found that 41 of them (76%) contained the potential hormone disrupting chemicals E320 and E321. 

Not only that, but in the three years that this analysis has been carried out, this year obtained the worst results. The two above substances are not the only ingredients that cause concern among experts, but also the gum appears to be becoming less healthy.

The two toxic substances in which this study focuses are E320 and E321, two antioxidants artificial food, also known as BHA and BHT. These compounds, from the oil industry, are present in other food products as well.

What can we do?

The first step is to avoid products with E320 and E321 among its ingredients. But there is an important second step - put pressure on the European authorities to withdraw food substances that have been shown to be toxic to our health.

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