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EU member states have chance to decide on the future of our health

14 September 2016, Brussels – On the 15 June, the European Commission finally releasedits proposal for criteria to identify hormone disrupting chemicals (also known as endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs) for the EU biocides and pesticides laws.  It then held meetings with member states and with stakeholders to explain the proposals, and conducted 2 parallel public consultations on these proposed EDC Criteria in July.

Experts and official representatives of the 28 member states will meet on 20 September (biocides) and 21 September (pesticides) to further discuss the proposed criteria in Brussels. The EU countries in the Pesticides Standing Committee are due to vote on the proposals in one of the subsequent Committee meetings. Under the biocides law, no vote is required.

If the final proposal, which the Commission may still change as a result of the discussions, is approved in the Committee, it then proceeds to Parliament and Council, who have 3 months to decide if they want to reject the proposal.

Our verdict on Commission proposal

Despite a delay of nearly three years, the Commission’s June proposal still fails to satisfy, both in terms of the scientific content and parameters, and in terms of protecting the health of humans, wildlife and the environment. When the criteria proposal was released in June, the EDC-Free Europe Coalition expressed its astonishment, strongly condemning the proposal.

For these reasons, the EDC-Free Europe Coalition urges all national governments to reject the proposal as it currently stands and insists on major changes to ensure that the EDCs to which we are exposed will be identified as such and therefore be prohibited from use as the laws intended, in order protect our health.

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Use our infographics and tell your governments to demand better criteria for better health protection!


For any questions, please contact the EDC-Free Secretariat info@env-health.org